My Holiday Wishlist

The closer we get to Christmas, the bigger my wish list gets…Luckily I can narrow it down to three items that I absolutely love!

Screenshot_3Leather bound journal

I love journals.  I often flip through them, smelling the paper and obsessing over the blank pages, imagining all the things that I can do with them.



Wall tapestry x354-q80

Wall tapestry is a new obsession of mine. I first came across them when I entered Earthbound Trading Co. at the Mall. The great thing about them is that it can be used for various purposes. It can be a blanket when I’m cold or it can be a tablecloth if I’m feeling festive.




Polaroid Cameras

I love to capture moments and a polaroid camera is perfect for that. They are compact and cute in design. Although they’re a little pricey,  I think owning a polaroid is definitely worth it!




What Haunts Me

The red carpet path, down the aisle, towards the one

is where I fear I’ll walk alone.

The absence of an absent father, a daughter of none.

White, wedding gowns.  Wet with tears.

Droplets of regret. Longing for love.

Who will walk me down the aisle?

My uncle, my cousin, my brother? Perhaps, my mother.

But not even she can fill the you-shaped hole

in my chest.