Flowers in Her Hair but She Don’t Care

It’s been a while since my dear childhood friend and I have met up, let alone conduct a much needed photoshoot! We pranced around various parks in search for the perfect lighting and just the right amount of color. What resulted was a series of CoverGirl worthy shots, all of which were taken by visionary and future trendsetter, Nia Marie.

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Damien Rice in Concert is Magic

On November 8th of last year, I had the pleasure of seeing Irish folk artist, Damien Rice, in concert. When I found out that he would be coming to Miami for the first time, I had just finished obsessing over his third album release, “My Favorite Faded Fantasy.” After a 7 year hiatus, he had come back lyrically and musically stronger than ever before. And … Continue reading Damien Rice in Concert is Magic

At Last! Some Creative Freedom!

Creativity doesn’t come easily, even for the most imaginative of people. But when it comes, one has to be ready to capture it in the strokes of a pencil or in the flashes of a camera. That’s why when Mirella, my close (and awesome)  friend, felt the urge to do a mini photoshoot we weren’t hesitant to do so—especially since life has become very stressful for the … Continue reading At Last! Some Creative Freedom!

The Hawaiian Lady

She came down the corridor of the plane, her eyes scanning the seat numbers. She stepped closer and closer into the economy class section until finally she stopped in front of my row. She was wearing a green floral print blouse with khaki Bermuda shorts. The wrinkles on her face, especially around the mouth and eyes told me that she was well past the prime … Continue reading The Hawaiian Lady

Photographic Recap of Carlos Vives’s Concert

Yesterday, my mom and I went to see Carlos Vives in concert. Carlos Vives has been in the music industry for about 21 years now and he is known for revolutionizing the sound of Vallenato. Although he is accused of not being a Vallenato artist anymore by many artists, he keeps his head held high and continues to sing passionately as he did 21 years … Continue reading Photographic Recap of Carlos Vives’s Concert