No, I’m Not Dead

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and I feel highly guilty for that. But what can I say? I’ve been busy (and also very lazy.) Junior year is currently at its peak  and I’m gasping, guttering, choking, drowning under the weight of homework, projects, applications, and life expectations. In the span of my absence from the blogosphere, I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking…and came to the realization of several things.

First, I need to get a life! Right now, my daily routine is wake up, school, procrastinate, eat, sleep, repeat.  I have nothing to look forward to anymore and that scares me. I’m only 17, and I’m already succumbing to the monotony of life. I can’t let this happen!

Second, I need to start saving up money for college. However,  I don’t want to risk my grades nor anything school related to endure long, arduous and underpaid shifts. Plus, I’m too clumsy to work at a cashier or to flip burgers—I admit, I’m very aloof at times (which is not safe for me nor the people around me). So I’ve been trying to conjure up ways to make quick and easy money. You can ask me later along the line how that works out for me.

Third, Ben Howard is one of the greatest artists my ears have had the pleasure of listening. I know this is really random but I’ve been listening to Ben Howard for a while now, and he has literally blessed my life with his music. I was going through a really rough patch, and his music managed to get me through it–and it still is. Here’s a list of my favorite songs by  him in case you’re interested: “Conrad,” “Empty Corridors,” “The Wolves,” “Bones,””Promise.”


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