Fine Lines

Poems have been the subject of my english class for the past 3 weeks now. And despite how much I thought I’d dislike poems, I actually enjoy them. Consequently, the following is an assignment that I had a little too much fun with. 

To love is to see

To love is to see through all my regrets,

The pain from underneath my chest, and it’s

Endless distress. Oh, how, I want to dress

My best for you, though I can’t quite admit

That I am not the one for you—it’s true.

Bright pearls, tight curls, rich worlds. That is not me.

And with these words I leave your world askew:

You see, we just can’t be. For that I’m sorry.


To hate is to adore too much, so much.

And there remains a line, too fine, because

I love. You hate. And we’ll never be enough.

And so I leave you here with your drink, your crutch,

As I decide to walk away from us.


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