My blog and semi-online portfolio, In The Works,  was first created as an assignment for my journalism class. However, in the course of one year it grew into something much bigger—something much more meaningful than just a grade in the gradebook. It has become a platform where I share my experiences alongside my latest articles, creative writing and photography.

I never would have thought that my blog would reach a 100 followers. I remember looking at my stats when I first started and, well, let’s just say I wasn’t expecting to have such an awesome readership as I do now. (Shout-out to the followers I always look forward to seeing a like or a comment from: SunitegranonineMonikaNew England Nomadmapes24, nuriasiemon, and mvasquez)

As I continue to blog and post insights into my life I hope to continue to interact with the wordpress blogging community and beyond. Meanwhile, my blog will continue to grow as I do and it will continue to change as I change. It is and always will be under construction—it will always be in the works.




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