The Ideal Environment for a Child to Grow Isn’t as Ideal as It Seems

The perfect childhood is often depicted on television as a bubble where the child has happily married parents, plenty of friends, a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, and no worries trailing them. Well this may be the “perfect” childhood, but I feel like the greatest of people are born from genuine struggle. People who have gone through trials and tribulations in their early lives tend to take their experiences and channel them for a greater good—whether it’s for themselves, their community, or the world.

I’ve read many memoirs detailing the lives of people who were given a shitty deck of cards, but they dealt it the best way they knew how.

A child who gets bullied grows up to be humble and aware of his actions. A child who faces poverty grows up to be studious in efforts to maintain a financially stable future. A child who is raised in a politically turmoiled country grows up to be aware.

Maybe I’m biased, but I tend to respect someone more when I know that they’ve had to overcome mountains to get to where they envisioned themselves to be. An aura of wisdom trails them and I usually find myself wanting to follow it.


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