A Self Portrait

I share a room with my mom and my sister which means that I don’t get much privacy to dwell in my thoughts.  I mean, It’s hard to have some peaceful alone time with my mom watching her Telenovelas on maximum volume or with my sister’s loud snoring that only gets worse throughout the night.

Sometimes I just want to be alone!

So that’s why I created a little area for myself in the living room. It is a tiny office space that I don’t use for homework. Instead, I sit on the ground between my desk and my bookshelf, feeling well sheltered, and think. Other times, I get inspired and take my construction paper out and make a mess that I’m too lazy to clean up later. Or I just write. I write my little heart out until I run out of creative juice.

Also, it is in this cubby that I make my most important life decisions, it is where I have my breakdowns, and it is where I discover new things about myself—all while my mom and my sister are sound asleep in our bedroom.


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