A Summary of My Travels In Souvenirs: Part 1

I think I’ve already established this, but I’m going to say it again. I love to travel.At age 16, I have seen a tidbit of the world and brought back souvenirs to remember the places I have visited.  The following are a few of the pieces I brought home with me of the places I’ve had the opportunity to visit.                                    


Two years ago, I went to Venezuela and brought back these adorable little figures. I got them in a village called Peribeca in the state of Tachira. The village was lively, swarming with locals and Venezuelans that travel far to enjoy the music, food, festivals of the area. I also brought home Bolivares, the currency of Venezuela.

                    Bolivares    Tachira, Venezuela!


My uncle moved to Ecuador to live with his girlfriend and they ended up getting married. They had the wedding there so my mom, sister, and I boarded the plane to support them on their special day. One day, we all went shopping together and these souvenirs really caught my eye, mostly because they really captivate the culture  of Ecuador. I didn’t stay in Ecuador long enough to get a feel of the country’s personality, but some day I will.

                     IMG_0730    IMG_0731

Colombian Artisan Sandals


I just recently came back from Colombia, and definitely brought some cute souvenirs to remember the grand time I had there.  I got these artisan sandals at an annual fair and I am loving them! They are composed of leather and are handmade.

Moose from Montana

Billings, Montana 

I went on an all-American road trip with, Nia, a really close friend of mine and Montana was one of the states we got to see.  It was a trip of many firsts for me. I saw a moose and a bear for the first time.  I saw a herd of wild horses for the first time and I went hiking for the first time (I’m a city girl, okay?). It was utterly amazing.


Paris, Las Vegas

Las Vegas,  Nevada

Nevada was another state that we visited on our all-American road trip. The state was a long expansive desert, with scorching heat radiating from the ground up. Before you know it, you find yourself in Las Vegas– right in the middle of it.   I got Gigi and Jacques, main characters of their own children’s book,  in Las Vegas’ version of Paris for my little sister.

St.Louis Snow Glob

St. Louis, Missouri

Snow globes are the classic souvenirs to take home. I went to St. Louis with Nia and we had a blast. We spent the forth of July with her parents watching the fireworks from the St. Louis arch. It was pretty darn awesome and memorable.


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