When Boredom Strikes

Now that I’m back from my long awaited trip to Colombia, I have nothing to look forward to. Well, except for another stressful year of high school. Yay me.

Although I still have a lot of time to enjoy my summer, my days have been excruciatingly long and uneventful. Just a week ago, I was pumped with adrenaline as I zip lined across a lake in Colombia. Now, I find myself sulking in my living room staring at the walls hoping that they will talk to me.  Maybe we should have stayed a little longer, I find myself saying to them, but they never respond.

Boredom is consuming me… and it’s not doing it alone.

It brings friends to taunt me: loneliness pokes my side, melancholy likes to sit on my shoulders, and desperation pushes me to the fridge convincing me that ice cream will make it all go away. But, it doesn’t. It never does.

Three days pass and I can’t take it anymore. I look desperately around the house searching for something to fill the void that has settled in my life. I see an old, ragged Bongo shoe box and decide that I’m going to do something with it. So I did. I put on music to ward off the dreadful silence in my house, because the ringing in my ears get in the way of my concentration.

Itty Bitty Pretty One by Huey Lewis did the trick.

Soon, a masterpiece is born. Ha! That’s right. Boredom didn’t stop this baby from seeing the light of day. So for now, I win. But I can already feel Boredom honing its weapons to strike again.

Before After


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