When Travel Comes to an End

It’s time…It’s time to go back home to Miami where my responsibilities await.  I was happily lost in time here, but today I know exactly what day it is—July 22, the day where I’m yanked back into the unmerciful grasp of reality. Unfortunately, My stay here in Colombia has officially come to an end and I’m deeply saddened by it.

The reason why I’m sad to go is because life in Colombia is different than life in the United States. The people here have a laid back attitude towards life. They live in the present rather than the future. There’s no rush!

However, the States is another story. From what I’ve seen, people work so much there to obtain and maintain their version of the “American Dream.” They work day and night so that they can afford their luxuries (IPhones, nice house, latest cars, etc). What kind of a life is that? Not a full-fulling one, I say.

You can buy yourself all the latest gadgets in the world, but you will never be as happy as you can potentially be in an environment like Colombia.

Sadly, I’m about to immerse myself into the world of the working mentality as I enter the plane in the next few minutes, so I’m going to peel my eyes off of this computer screen and enjoy the last bit of Colombia through the window because who knows when I’ll be back?


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