Behind The Camera

As I was taking pictures of my surroundings in Colombia, my cousin’s wife was taking pictures of me (which I wasn’t aware of until much later). Seeing the pictures she took made me wonder what professional photographers must look like when they’re in the zone. Do they look like tourists like I feel like I did? Or do they look like super cool people who know something that non-photographers don’t know?

Whether I look like a tourist or not, my passion for photography grows with every picture I take. I’m not entirely sure why I like photography so much. Maybe it’s the satisfaction I feel when I realize that I’ve taken a pretty rad picture on my tiny camera or perhaps it’s the fact that I can do amazing things with them—such as bringing awareness to poverty or displaying the beauties of a misunderstood country. 

I think my growing love for photography goes hand-in-hand with my love for telling stories, particularly human stories. Although I haven’t done much of that yet, I hope to do so in the near future because, as of now, nothing else brings me such fulfillment.


2 thoughts on “Behind The Camera

  1. I find myself in your writing! Since when have you been into photography?

    I also love the broad possibilities of photography. The beautiful as well as the sad sides of life can be shown. You can be creative and capture surrealistic things or you can document everyday life in our own or in other countries. And human stories are fascinating.

    All the best for your journey! ❤ I think it's great you're starting now. I wish I would have picked up photography sooner.

    btw I think "Edysmar" sounds really exotic and beautiful 🙂

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