Colombia, the Beautiful (In Photographs)

Colombia is truly a beautiful country. I could go on and on with words how amazing it is, but sometimes words aren’t enough.


8 thoughts on “Colombia, the Beautiful (In Photographs)

  1. I’m so jealous you made it to Colombia!! One of the countries I wanna visit in my 20s.
    haha what do you think of the Latin American Cumbia? people here in Uruguay listen that too, not really my thing 😀

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      1. It’s very chill, haha. Even the capital has a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Compared to other countries like Perú or Colombia, it’s quite European though.

        haha you do? But not the Wachiturros-style-Cumbia, right? What do you think of Reggaeton?

        Do you speak Spanish?

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      2. Yea, I do speak Spanish. I grew up in an English speaking community, but my mom never learned English so I had to know Spanish in order to communicate with her.

        In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about reggaeton. I enjoy listening to it whenever it’s on the radio, but if I listen to it too much then it starts to become noise. haha.


      3. Great that you grew up bilingual! That way, the whole Latin American world is open to you too 🙂
        haha I get what you mean. I enjoy dancing to it but I just ignore the lyrics because, well, they would make me sick haha

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