Three Benefits Of Having Short Hair

Recently, my long hair was unmercifully cut by the blades of my hairdresser´s scissors and I was left devastated with merely a few inches of hair (you can read about my mental breakdown here). Now that I have to live with my short hair, I thought of the good that has come out of my tragic loss.  So far,  I came up with three benefits of having short hair: 

1. With short hair, you feel free!


Long hair can be a drag sometimes. It can really weigh you down (at least it did for me). Plus, It doesn’t help having long heavy hair if you live in a hot climate because it makes the heat even worse on your neck and back.

2. Styling short hair is super easy. 


I was too lazy to style my long hair because it was too much work. My arms would ache after a failed attempt of a high pony tail; but now, I don’t have that problem. I also found out that there’s a crazy amount of cute, easy, five-minute hairstyles that I can try out.

3. Short hair is GREAT for head banging!


This goes out for those of you who like to go to rock concerts: short hair is awesome for head banging. I like head banging to all sorts of music so that is a big plus for me.


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