Colombia: Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5: From Sun Down 

I spent my fifth day in Colombia getting my hair and nails done…because that’s how Colombians prepare for a quinceañera.

My cousin turned fifteen and a party was thrown to celebrate her coming of age. Her transition from a girl to a woman was symbolically made official when her father replaced her slippers with high heels. Then they danced the waltz together.

After the emotionally heavy portion of the event was over, the lights dimmed and fluorescent lights sparked to life. It was time to party—or as Colombians would put it: it was time to rumbiar. 

Colombians take partying seriously. Therefore, they come ready to every party they go to. Sometimes they’re so serious about partying that they take a second outfit and a toothbrush, because they expect to stay until dawn. That was the case for this quinceañera. 

So I prepared myself for an all-nighter.

Of course, there was that awkward hour where nobody was on the dance floor, but once one brave soul started to dance the rest followed along. I was actually asked out to dance several times, but they were older men (not creepy men, just family that wanted to dance). I danced with them, but I what I really wanted was to dance with a guy my age—a good looking guy.

I kept eyeballing the group of teenagers that came and hoped that one of the guys would look at me and ask me out to dance. I actually noticed that one of them was stealing glances my way from the moment I walked in.

I thought maybe he was interested in dancing with me so I hoped he would make a move soon, but he didn’t. I kept dancing and I would even catch him looking at me, yet he didn’t make a move. I tried communicating with him telepathically asking him to ask me to dance, but that didn’t work.

The night continued and I was leaning towards asking him to dance, but he was with his friends and in my mind going up to them was really terrifying. So I waited and waited to approach him at the right moment.

“Man,” I thought to myself, “how do guys do this?”

Anyway, there was a moment where he was sitting by himself and I awkwardly sat next to him. Then I turned to him and asked him in Spanish, “do you want to dance?” He nodded yes and—bam!—we danced. I was so proud of myself. I think I was happier at the fact that I asked a guy out to dance than actually dancing with him.

Day 6: To Sun Up 

I didn’t make it. At 5 am, my eyes were drooping uncontrollably. I decided to go to sleep (we were sleeping over at the birthday girl’s house). Despite the music rattling the walls, I fell asleep instantly and woke up at 11 in the morning to the same rattling of the walls. The party was still on.

I stepped outside and saw the few people that made it through the night. I couldn’t believe it. These people didn’t sleep! But instead of dancing, they were talking, drinking, and playing some instruments.

These people are hardcore.


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