My Favorite Part Of Traveling

I love to travel; I always have and always will.

I just find something so satisfying about immersing myself into an unknown land—a land that offers a different culture than mine, a land that offers a different history than mine, a land that offers different perspectives on life than mine.

Traveling simply quenches my primitive thirst for exploration. I easily get tired of staying in one place for too long because  I constantly need to see new things and experience new things; I need change. If not,  life is just…boring.

Getting to my destination is my favorite part of traveling; spending hours on a train, bus, airplane or boat allows me to dwell in my thoughts as I soak in the scenery. I travel mostly on airplanes and, boy, do I love it. A particular emotion overcomes me when I approach the seemingly endless hallway that feeds passengers into the plane. I don’t think it has a name quite yet; It’s a special combination of excitement and fear that takes hold of my heart.

I also like meeting people on my way to my destination. When a stranger sits next to me on the plane, I usually spark up a conversation because that person might just change my outlook on life.

If they don’t, then the scenery will.


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