A Trip to Washington D.C

I went from wearing shorts to thermal wear when I boarded a plane in Ft. Lauderdale destined for what I like to call the heart of the United States–Washington D.C.

IMG_1531  IMG_1456

I attended a field-trip for a club called JSA where students from all over the country come together to form a mock congress where we debate about bills and vote on whether to pass them or not.

Seeing tons of teenagers that were from different backgrounds and that shared different views than me was overwhelming, yet exciting. I could only swell with pride when I realized that there are many teenagers that care about the state of the world as much as I do.

IMG_1472  IMG_1482

Despite the hectic schedule where an hour break was mere in comparison to hours of engaging in long debates, I was able to absorb the beauty of the bits of D.C I was able to see.

As my group walked the streets of D.C, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, this is where it all happens.”

Even while I was admiring the architecture of the buildings, I couldn’t help but ponder about the history of this country and where we are heading. Gosh, that’s a scary thought.

IMG_1438  IMG_1488

Anyways, D.C held new experiences for me: taking the subway for the first time, touring the white house, and seeing snow for the first time.

Thankfully, snow began to fall the night we arrived. I remember looking through the window and I seeing tiny white specks gravitating towards the earth. My eyes got wide and I quickly grabbed my coat and ran to the elevator. When I entered the elevator, I joined a crowd of six and scooted all the way to the corner.

A man of ebony skin wearing a black trench coat said, “It’s colder than usual outside,” to whoever bothered to listen.

I tippy-toed over a lady in front of me and said, “Imagine what it’s like for a Miamian like me”

IMG_1523  IMG_1514

Everybody in the elevator looked at me—some of them with eyes of bewilderment and others with eyes of curiosity—making my face feel hot. “I’m going to see snow for the first first time,” I said.

The man in the black trench coat responded, ” I remember my first time seeing snow” and, with that, everybody in the elevator nodded and smiled at one another.

Right there and then, the elevators opened and I sprinted out before the sky ran out of snow.

IMG_1506  IMG_1502

I have to say, Washington D.C was simply amazing. It was beautiful, inspiring, and eye-opening. I will never forget the friends I made nor the terrible cold that scratched my esophagus as I breathed in.

I’d say that I would come back to DC but, in all honesty, I’m ready for the next city to explore.


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