Stuck between the ages of ten and twenty, fifteen year-olds are expected to be a child yet an adult, free of burden yet responsible, innocent yet aware.  Many of us are ready to venture out into the world and others aren’t— such as myself.  I cling dearly to my childhood and hope that the day I have to grow up won’t come.  Driving permits, resumes, jobs, college— all chimeras coming my way and there is nothing I can do about it; one day (very soon) I will no longer be in the limbo I call being fifteen.  Once the unstoppable sun rises on my 16th birthday, I will have crossed the Rubicon leaving behind the bittersweet year of my life where I have enjoyed my last taste of carelessness jumbled with nerve-wrecking anticipation for life itself.  Despite the inevitable, some things will never change:  the silly, wide-eyed, curious little girl will remain as I grow into the adult that I never wanted to be.


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