A Little Something About My Hands

For English I had to observe my hands carefully for 3 days and write about it. I thought this assignment was tedious but very interesting. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

“At a first glance, they seem like just any other hand but after a good observation one can see wrinkles upon wrinkles upon wrinkles. Every time I look at my palm, a new crease is welcomed by the rest. Each new wrinkle is a battle I have overcome; whether it’s cleaning the dishes with dangerously damaging soap or when I look within myself to fight and conquer my inner demons. The wrinkles and creases where my fingers fold are a restless reminder that they are always in motion when I’m not. They can never sit inanimate; they get antsy and begin to tip- toe across my table or tap against my chair. Whatever it is, they are, without a doubt, always in motion. They run along the walls of the hallways feeling every bump and crack the walls have endured in the past years. They do the exact same when the body attached to it is in a warm compassionate hug feeling the cracks and sorrows within the person being embraced.”


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