Brazil makes comeback in rematch with Colombia at Sun Life Stadium

After facing a humiliating defeat (1-7) inflicted by Germany in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil’s soccer team redeemed themselves when Neymar Jr. made a goal against Colombia. This was the first time Neymar Jr. has played since he fractured his spine at Brazil’s last match against Colombia’s soccer team.

The stadium was a sea of yellow as crazed fans held posters ferociously in order to have their faces displayed on the big screen.

“When I heard that they were coming here to play, I had to get a ticket. I just had to.” said a Colombian fan fully clothed in the colors of the Colombian flag.

However the enthusiasm in the crowds did not match those of the soccer players. James Rodriguez, a Colombian soccer player whose career has boomed, did not show the same enthusiasm he had when he played for Colombia in the World Cup. He was solemn. The same goes for the rest of the team players including Brazil.

The source of excitement was not excited at all.

However, that didn’t deprive the fans from enjoying their time. In fact, the Colombian fans had BBQs in the parking lots of Sun Life Stadium as the Brazilians celebrated with booming music.

After all, it was a “friendly” match.


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