Hidden Beauties

Walking around school campus is something I do 5 days a week. Normally, I come to school with tunnel vision, going along my daily routine, but never noticing the small things that makes the school campus beautiful. Not until I was assigned to go outside and take pictures of anything.

“Anything?”, I would ask my classmates. “Anything” They responded.  So I did. Everybody was excited to breathe in fresh air and goofed around and had fun. As for me, I strayed from the crowd and started looking for anything. Anything that would be worthy of a photo. I walked around a little bit and started to see one beautiful thing after another. It was truly endless. The way the sun showered the trees with warm serene light, the bright leaves slowly collecting on the floor indicating the end of a season, flowers succumbing to bumble bees, butterflies fluttering their intricate wings everywhere, and so much more. Why have I not noticed this before? I don’t know. I guess I took these little things for granted, not only in school but everywhere else.

However,  after this assignment, I have eliminated my tunnel vision, I stroll instead of speed walk, and stop every once in a while to close my eyes and simply listen to my surroundings. I hope everybody else does the same, because once you do– there is no going back.




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